Program with Session Titles and Themes
(Session in English)

○ June 22, 2021

21:00-21:40 PST (Pacific Standard Time)
The Connection Between the People of Siberia and Korean People based on the Hwandangogi
By Chingis Akhanyanov

21:40-22:20 PST
Gija Wa Gija Joseon Yeon Gu (in Korean) 
[A Study on Gija and Gija Joseon: Gija Joseon did not exist in Joseon.]
By Edward Kwanhun Rim

22:20-23:00 PST
The Origin of the Trypillian Culture and Scythian People
By Oleksandr Ishchuk

○ June 24, 00:05 PST
Special Lecture by Ahn Gyeong-jeon, Honorable Executive Advisor, Daehan History and Culture Association  ▶▶ STB Broadcasting Live broadcast

We cordially invite you to a five-day international academic and cultural festival for the restoration of the true history and culture of Korea.

• Hosted by
The Daehan History and Culture Association, and The World Hwandan Association
• Sponsored by
The Congress for the Correct History Progressing Toward the Future, Hangaram History and Culture Institute, Hanbaedal Institute, Headquarters of the Citizens' Campaign for Reviving the National Spirit, The Association of National Independence Movement Patriots and their Family Members, Sangsaeng Cultural Research Institute, and STB Broadcasting. 

초대의 말씀
Letter of Invitation

한국의 진짜 역사와 문화를 전 세계에 알리는 귀중한 시간을 마련하였습니다. 한국의 역사는 일본과 중국에 의해서 많은 부분이 왜곡되어 있습니다.
Our organizations have prepared a valuable time to introduce the true history and culture of Korea to the world. The history of Korea has been distorted in many aspects by Japan and China.

안타깝게도 이들에 의해 철저하게 왜곡된 한국의 역사가 지금 이 시간까지도 세계 여러 박물관과 역사교과서에 그대로 소개되고 있습니다.
Unfortunately, a false Korean history, which has been greatly distorted by malicious people from Japan and China, is still being publicized in many museums and history textbooks around the world up to this time.

더 이상 간과할 수 없어서 일본 식민사학의 틀을 깨고 중국 동북공정에 대응하기 위해 한국의 학자들과 시민들이 나섰습니다.
Therefore, we cannot overlook this any longer; thus Korean scholars and citizens have come forward to deconstruct the framework of colonial history invented by Japanese imperialists, and also respond to the Northeast Project of China.

한류를 사랑하는 모든 분들께 다시한번 감사드리며 한국의 진짜 역사와 문화를 알 수 있는 소중한 시간되시길 소망합니다.
We would like to once again thank all those who love Hallyu and hope that you will have an edifying time and learn about the true history and culture of Korea.

본 행사는 5일동안 진행되며 www.daehansarang.org에서 실시간 생방송 됩니다. 많은 관심바랍니다.
We will hold this event for five days, June 21 to 25, 2021, and it will be broadcast live on Thank you very much for your interest.

Kind regards,

(사)대한사랑 이사장 박석재
세계환단학회 회장 허철부 배상
From Seok-jae Park, Chairperson of Daehan History and Culture Association, and Cheol-bu Heo, President of World Society of Hwandan History and Culture